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What are the types of Washing Machines?

The days when people bent or squatted to wash their clothes are long over thanks to washing machines. Technology has made it comfortable for everyone to live a stress-free life. A washing machine helps you ensure you easily have fresh clean laundry in a matter of minutes.

How do you go about choosing the perfect washing machine to suit your needs? Let’s get down to the different types of washing machines, then you can decide on the best washing machine for you. There are mainly two types based on how laundry is loaded into the machine.

Top Load washing machines

As the name implies, a top load washing machine has a lid at the top that leads to the tubs where washing takes place. This type of washing machine can be further categorized into two subcategories.

Fully Automatic Top Load washing machine

For these types of washing machines, every process of the wash cycle takes place automatically. From the point where water is being run into the washing machine to the dispensation of detergent and the entire wash process. The fully automatic top load washing machine has a single tub. The tub serves a dual function of washing and drying. So at the end of the wash process, you have your clothes clean, fresh, and ready to wear.

Top Load Automatic Washing MachineSemi-Automatic top load washing machine

Although a semi-automatic top load washing operates using electricity, it functions a little bit differently from its fully automatic counterpart. It is semi-automatic because you may have to manually set the machine for water to run into the washtub, also, after washing is completed, you will have to transfer the washed clothes into the spin tub for drying. It has two tubs, one tub is for washing and the other is for drying.

Front Load washing machines

Front-load washing machines are most common in laundry service companies but are gradually being used in homes. As a result of this, most front load washing machines are equipped with the latest technology to make them suitable for use in homes. Haier Thermocool’s Front-load washing machine for instance has antibacterial technology to keep laundry clean and fresh. As the name suggests, it has a door in the front of the washing machine, where dirty laundry can be loaded into the machine. The machine works completely automatically all through the wash cycle. The drum serves a dual purpose of washing and spinning.

Do you still need help deciding which washing machine is best for you? Let our buying guide help you out, then explore our range of Haier Thermocool washing machines to find the best one for you.

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