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Fridge shopping tips for your consideration

Fridges are present in our homes to make our lives easier. There are usually two scenarios that cause use to want a new fridge. Your current appliance is near or at its end of life and needs replacement. You are ready to give your kitchen a new look, with a beautiful, more sophisticated fridge, with all the latest technologies.

Whichever scenario is closer to your reason for shopping around, do not buy on impulse. Take a step back and consider your needs before committing to a specific brand or model. Here are some suggestions for each thing to consider, including options from Haier Thermocool.

Kitchen Layout

It is advisable to buy appliances that fit perfectly into your kitchen. You wouldn’t want to buy a fridge, for instance, that takes up half of your kitchen space. Before going to shop for home appliances, you should measure where you want your appliances placed. This kind of planning also ensures you will place the appliance correctly as advised by the manufacturer for the best efficiency.

Family Size & Lifestyle

It is important to consider your family size when shopping for a new fridge. Big families are advised to buy bottom freezer refrigerators. The freezer part of the fridge has a large compartment, which suits large family needs. A smaller family, say a newlywed couple, may be perfectly fine with a top freezer compartment model. The lifestyle of your family also needs consideration. A family which prefers cooking from scratch every day, versus one that loves the convenience of cooking in batches, will have different features in a fridge.

Electricity Supply for Fridge

It’s no news that a lack of constant power supply can cause your fridge to underperform. This must therefore be considered properly in the decision-making process. An energy-saving fridge built to withstand electricity fluctuation may be best. For example, this side-by-side refrigerator from Haier Thermocool will maintain coolness for 100 hours after a power outage.

Budget for Fridge

Probably the most important factor to consider when buying a fridge. The top and bottom freezer fridges are classics and cost less than other fridges. They are ideal if replacing an end-of-life model is your goal. Single and double-door fridges from Haier Thermocool are more affordable and therefore an excellent choice. For those looking for something that makes a statement in your kitchen, our luxury range of fridges covers every need you may have.

Whatever the goal for deciding to buy a fridge, consider these factors before making your decision. You can also check out our buying guide for a deeper look and more specific recommendations.

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