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Oven and gas cooker types

A gas cooker is one appliance that is used almost every day. Some people call the gas cooker a stove, others prefer to call it a cooker oven or standing cooker. Fun fact, the right name for a cooking appliance that has the oven and cooker integrated is “range”. However you call it, let’s look at the ways in which ovens and cookers are categorized.

Energy Source of the Cooker

Gas oven cookers

Gas oven cookers are the most popular type of cooker in many Nigerian homes. Gas cookers have both gas ovens and gas cooktops. The gas serves as fuel and it gives a gas-powered flame. This gives you room to cook on the hob quickly and the oven part gets hot faster. It often has a low running cost compared to electric oven cookers. Many people also believe it is a better appliance to use when it comes to grilling food. As this is our most popular type of cooker we will be referring to them a lot.

gas cookerElectric oven cookers

Unlike its gas counterpart, the electric cooker is powered solely by electricity. The electric oven cooker heats more evenly compared to gas cookers making it a top choice for bakers. The electric cooker’s heat can be regulated depending on the type of meal you are preparing.

electric cooker

Dual Fuel oven cookers

These types of cookers have both electric and gas parts. This is also a common version of cooker in Nigerian homes. Some parts of the cooking hob are usually fuelled by gas while some are fuelled by electricity. If you are looking for a mix of both fuel ranges, then the dual fuel oven cooker is the perfect choice for you, as you can switch from electricity to gas and vice versa.

Induction oven cookers

Induction cookers are a relatively new innovation. They are usually powered by electricity. Rather than having an electric cooker hob, like electric cooker tops, they have a glass cooker top. They are notable for heating up in seconds making their operation faster than gas and electric oven cookers.

induction cooker

The orientation of the cooker

Standing Gas cookers

The standing gas cookers are cookers and ovens infused into one appliance. They are easy to install as they are stand-alone cookers. They usually come in different sizes with different amounts of burners/hobs.

Table Top Gas cookers

As the name suggests, standing gas cookers are cookers without an oven. Like the standing gas cooker, they also come in different sizes and have different hob/burner arrangements.

The capacity of the cooker

Categorizing cookers by capacity usually refers to the total surface area available for cooking based on the width and breadth of the cooker.

Small Gas cookers

My Lady: The My Lady range is the smallest size of Thermocool gas cookers, measuring 50 x 50cm. The cooker has different configurations including variants that are gas only (4 Gas hobs) and some that are a mix of gas and electric hobs (3 Gas, 1 Electric).

Medium Gas cookers

My Diva: The My Diva gas cooker is a mid-sized oven gas cooker. It has usually has configurations using hybrid fuel (3 Gas hobs, 1 Electric hob) and a gas-only 4 hob cooker variant.

Large Cooker

D-Madame: This is the biggest gas cooker available at Thermocool. It is measured at 90 x 60 cm and comes in hybrid cooker configurations, 4 Gas, 1 Electric hobs, and 4 Gas, 2 Electric hob cooker tops.

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