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Everything you need to know about the Haier Thermocool Antibacterial Washing Machine

Before reading further, ask yourself “How many times have you had to wash your clothes in a washing machine before it comes out clean and fresh? Chances are you probably have to go through multiple wash cycles and you’re still unsatisfied

This is why Haier Thermocool has provided a lasting solution for you by introducing the first washing machine with a self-cleaning technology that prevents the accumulation of dirt and combats the bacteria inside the machine, leaving your clothes squeaky clean and fresh in just one wash cycle.

Doing laundry with a washing machine may be common for most households. However, doing effective and hygienic laundry is still a challenge for some. We understand how disappointing it can be to wash your clothes in a washing machine and still have them smell bad, look poorly washed or even cause you to itch.

This washing machine has unique features and is specifically designed to solve these problems. Here is how it works; when you begin the wash cycle, water enters the capsule and activates the dynamic smart balls. These smart balls are anti-bacteria and germ-free nanometers made of special rubber that actively strike inner and outer tubs at a speed of 25 million times in a wash cycle.

The accurate space design assures precise strikes on the tub’s surface. This dynamic movement guarantees a sparkling clean inner tub, making the smart balls strike harder at the lower tub with high speed to guarantee hygienic tubs. In summary, the antibacterial technology cleans the washing machine automatically at the end of the wash cycle.

The antibacterial materials are added to the plastics through the integrated injection moulding to give the following;

  • Anti-Bacteria growth
  • Fresh smell
  • More hygienic laundry
  • Less cleaning

The antibacterial rate is 99.99% so you can be assured that your clothes will be germ-free and sparkly clean. The Haier Antibacterial washing machine is indeed a must-have for every household as it is safe for both children and adult clothing. You no longer have to go through multiple wash cycles to get your clothes clean. Isn’t that amazing?

Now you’re probably asking, “How can I get this washing machine?” The answer is simple, visit a Haier Thermocool showroom near you to make your purchase.

Get your Haier Anti-bacterial Washing Machine today and experience the most seamless, hygienic, and stress-free laundry process ever!

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