Lots of Freebies and More Savings Up for Grabs in the Haier Thermocool Dey for You Promo

Are you currently overwhelmed with bills and looking for ways to make smarter buying decisions this period? Do you find yourself switching off appliances just to save energy consumption?

Our electricity-saving products are the perfect solution for you. They are efficient, durable and worth the investment. With Haier Thermocool appliances designed with inverter technology, you can save up to 70% on energy consumption while enjoying optimal performance and also save money on bills. You also get exciting gifts ranging from Air fryers to microwave ovens when you buy any product in the Thermocool Dey for You promo!!

Let’s take a look at some of the intelligent features of the participating products in this promo.


3-Directional Turbo Burner

Choosing the right kitchen appliances starts with getting the right cooker. This will ultimately make the difference between a good meal and a masterpiece. The Thermocool standing gas cookers are designed with a 3-directional flame turbo burner to help you cook meals faster. You can also cook up to six meals at a time using the TEC standing cooker.


Anti-Bacterial Technology & Frost Retention

Freezers and Refrigerators have become a necessity for food preservation in many homes. Often, we get so busy that we don’t have the opportunity to restock groceries or cook regularly. Haier Thermocool Refrigerators and freezers make bulk shopping and cooking possible and convenient. With refrigerators reaching up to 610 litres and freezers up to 719 litres in capacity, the interior compartments are crafted to meet your storage requirements and cooling needs with functional anti-bacterial technology that keep your food fresher for longer and up to 100 hours of frost retention in freezers.


Fuel Efficiency & Automatic Voltage Regulation

Power outages are common in this part of the world. With the hike in fuel price and an impending increase in electricity tariff, you can stay one step ahead this period with a fuel-efficient generator. A TEC generator also protects all your appliances from voltage fluctuation with an Automatic Voltage Regulator. Take advantage of this promo offer to save more when you buy TEC generators designed with optimized carburetors that save fuel.


47% Faster & Better Cooling Air

Enjoy the 47% faster cooling experience while saving up to 70% on electricity consumption with the GenPAL Inverter Air Conditioner. This air conditioner is designed with a noiseless feature to give you peaceful relaxation. With its optimized compressor, you don’t have to worry about your generator size as the GenPAL air conditioner series can run on as low as 175V and works perfectly with a small TEC generator.


Fabric Care & User Convenience

Laundry is better with a washing machine that allows for convenience and ensures excellent results while using minimum energy consumption. The Haier Thermocool washing machine series is designed to deliver the best wash performance with Anti-Bacterial features that leave your clothing impeccably clean and sanitized. Our washing machines also ensure user convenience with the Wash & Dry feature, so you never have to worry about spreading your clothes outside or forgetting them in the rain.

Get double value for your money with appliances you can trust. Haier Thermocool products are here for you! Haier Thermocool Dey for You!

Visit any authorized showroom closest to you or the official Thermocool Jumia store to buy an appliance today and get freebies! Offer valid till November 30th, 2023.

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