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What is a Low Voltage Air Conditioner?

You have probably been hearing about inverter technology and how it helps serve as an alternative source of power, especially in this part of the world. As technology continues to evolve, home appliances are also being infused with inverter technology serving as a variant for regular home appliances. We have seen this inverter technology being infused with chest freezers causing consumers to save on electricity bills.

An appliance category that is not left out of this inverter rave is air conditioners. Air conditioners are now being considered a necessity in most homes due to the state of the weather in Sub-Saharan Africa. These low voltage air conditioners as their name imply, run on low energy and consume less electricity with the same cooling benefits as a regular air conditioner. These easy-to-install air conditioners are highly sought after and are available in high-end brands such as Haier Thermocool.

low voltage air conditionerFor offices, shared workspaces, or even homes, buying a low-voltage air conditioner will help reduce your energy consumption and electricity bills.

What to look out for in a Low Voltage Air Conditioner

Looking at low voltage air conditioners, they look the same as regular air conditioners, however, there are some features that make a low voltage air conditioner stand out. This article covers the differences between inverter and non-inverter air conditioners in terms of operation, while we look at the features to look out for when shopping.

Here are some of the key features to look out for in a low voltage air conditioner:
Low noise operation
Inverter air conditioners run on low energy and they are able to adapt very quickly to the electricity supply at the time of operation. This causes the AC to have a quiet noise.

Energy saving
When you step into a room with an AC running in the background, sometimes, you may hear the sound of the AC going low and increasing at intervals. While this is going on, a lot of your electricity is being consumed causing your electricity bills to increase, because the air conditioner is trying to regulate the temperature and the electricity supply at the time. However, with low voltage air conditioners, the compressor runs on low energy and its operation is usually quiet.

Even cooling
As a result of the fact that low voltage air conditioners run on low energy, the air conditioner adjusts to the room temperature making for even cooling in the space. The GenPAL air conditioner from Haier Thermocool has a lot of features every inverter AC should have while saving consumers 70% off electricity consumption.

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