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5 Ways to Make your refrigerator last longer

Just because the Christmas jolly is here doesn’t mean you should over stock your refrigerator even after your warranty has elapsed. Almost all electrical appliances including refrigerators come with a warranty, a written guarantee by the manufacturer with a promise to repair or replace the refrigerator if necessary. Warranties are usually for a specified period of time after which the refrigerator owner is left to take charge of whatever happens to the appliance.

How then do you ensure that your refrigerator lasts even after the warranty period has long expired?

1. Constant Cleaning & Defrosting

Keeping your refrigerator clean is a sure way to ensure that it lasts longer. You don’t need to wait for a bad smell or until something spills inside. Cleaning your refrigerator should be part of your regular chores- at least once every two weeks.

You can start cleaning by removing everything in your refrigerator first and then clean inside thoroughly with warm water, soap and a soft cloth.

To effectively deal with bad odour, you can place vinegar and lime inside the refrigerator while the refrigerator is working.

2. Place your refrigerator in a cool dry place

A refrigerator is quite similar to an air-conditioner. Placing the refrigerator in an area with excessive heat can limit its efficiency. This is because placing the refrigerator in an area with excessive heat will make the compressor work harder which over time affects its efficiency. Keeping your refrigerator away from heat will indeed make it last longer.

3. Don’t put anything on top of your refrigerator

The top of any refrigerator seems like a perfect place to keep cereals and other items right? Almost everyone is guilty of this. Unfortunately, this is not a good idea at all. This is because the top of your refrigerator actually serves as an escape route for hot air. Placing items on top your refrigerator thus restricts easy passage of hot air causing your refrigerator to work twice as much as it should work.

5. Keep it closed

This is one of the cheapest and most convenient way to make your refrigerator last longer. It is not advisable to open your refrigerator frequently. Always ensure you think of what you want to take out before getting to it. The idea of leaving your refrigerator open while searching for an item is a bad one. Properly organizing items in the refrigerator will prevent this from happening as you’d know exactly where to find any item you need.

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