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Enjoy Maximum Comfort and Save Energy with the Haier Thermocool GenPAL Inverter AC

Imagine coming home after a long sunny day to the cooling comfort of the air conditioner at your home in just a few minutes of turning it on and leaving it on all night without worrying about extra electricity charges. If you are wondering if this is possible, continue reading to discover how.

The Haier Thermocool GenPAL Inverter Air-conditioner was innovatively designed with Nigeria and Africa by extension in mind. You will not have to constantly worry about managing your electricity/power usage because the Haier Thermocool GenPAL with the Inverter technology and high efficiency of the compressor, it cuts the electricity consumption of the Air conditioner by 70%.

How does it cuts the electricity (Energy) consumption by 70%? The GenPAL Inverter technology utilizes an intelligent advanced control that precisely allows the air conditioner to adjust its cooling capacity according to the cooling load, so you do not have to keep switching it temperature regulator. This makes it easier to consume less power, saving up to 70% of energy. Isn’t that a huge relief? Whether you live alone or with your family, you’re covered!

Consequently, the GenPAL Inverter Air conditioner was built to be powered by any small-mid generator (example, a 1.5hp can be powered by a 0.9KVA generator) which in turn saves you not only the cost of the initial investment for the Generator, but also the high cost of constantly fueling such Big Generators when they are in use. Hence, household and offices with multiple ACs users can saves lot on electricity consumption and generator size requirement.

It’s safe to say it’s a WIN-WIN situation with the Haier Thermocool GenPAL Air Conditioner, as you not only get to save some money but also enjoy your money’s worth to the max. Other interesting key features and benefits are;

  • GEN-Mode: With the press of the “GenMode” button, your GenPAL Inverter AC can operate at 3-Energy Level differently (L1-L2-L3) which make it run conveniently on the generator. It simply enables you to take control of your consumption. This operating mode also works on the grid supply.


  • 47% Faster Cooling with Turbo: With the press of the “Turbo” button, you enjoy the ultimate and faster cooling experience that saves times & allows the motor run at a higher frequency in reaching the set temperature.


  • High Efficiency Compressor: With an optimized twin-rotary compressor that features powerful neodymium magnets which are 10-times more powerful than conventional magnets, it results in higher energy efficiencies, wider operating ranges (150V – 260V) and less vibration resulting in quieter operation.
  • 15M Long Air Throw: Enjoy the perfect temperature in your largest room with the GenPAL Inverter, which has a specially designed cross flow fan and optimized air duct, allowing cool air to reach as far as 15 meters.

The good news is, you can walk into any of our Thermocool showrooms nationwide and get one for yourself. It’s very easy to install and you get 3-year warranty on compressor.

Sometimes, the good things of life come in small packages. The Haier Thermocool GenPAL air conditioner is an affordable luxury that every household needs to experience.

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