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What are Inverter Freezers?

We cannot deny the fact that a freezer is an appliance that we open frequently. The freezer houses our bulk food and we probably interact with it more times compared to other appliances. As a result of this action, the freezer consumes a lot of electricity compared to other home appliances. The freezer also works more frequently at a stretch because we barely turn off the freezer. Recognizing this fact, the inverter freezer was developed to absorb less electricity and still work as effectively as regular freezers.

Haier Thermocool Inverter FreezerRegular freezers are what most of us are used to. Quite recently people are beginning to embrace inverter technologies. The compressor of regular freezers runs at a single speed. If you have paid attention to your freezer, the compressor makes a little noise, then goes quiet. That is because the freezer is going through an on and off-cycle so the temperature of the freezer is regulated.

However, for inverter freezers, as the name implies, the compressor, which serves as the “heart” has been infused with inverter technology. The compressor for the inverter freezer operates at a long and slow speed. The compressor has the power to work based on the way the consumer uses it. For instance, during the day, you are most likely to use the freezer more often, therefore, the compressor runs at a high speed. However, freezer usage reduces at night, consequently the freezer runs at a low speed. This is where energy saving comes into play.

The Haier Thermocool Inverter Chest Freezer, for instance, runs at a low speed thereby saving you 50% off electricity consumption. With the compressor running at a low speed, the freezer cools evenly thereby leaving the freezer to retain coolness for up to 120 hours after a power outage. Subsequently, the freezer operates without the use of a stabilizer. The Haier Thermocool Inverter Chest Freezer comes in two models: the turbo and non-turbo.

  • Turbo Inverter Chest Freezer: This has a turbofan at the lid of the freezer. The fan begins to rotate at the start of the operation making for even faster cooling. The turbo freezer has five years warranty on the compressor.
  • Non- Turbo Inverter Chest Freezer: Unlike the turbo Inverter Chest Freezer, the non-turbo model has many benefits including consuming less energy compared to the turbo model. The non-turbo model has 3 years warranty on the compressor.

Things to look out for when buying Inverter Freezers

Although looking at the inverter freezer, it looks pretty much like a regular freezer. You are probably wondering, “how will I recognize an inverter freezer from a non-inverter freezer?”. Some major features make the Inverter freezer stand out from a regular freezer.

  1. Low noise level: the compressor in a regular freezer operates on an on/off-cycle, making the freezer have a humming sound. The compressor of the inverter freezer operates at a low frequency making the sound of the freezer almost inaudible.
  2. Generator friendly: The inverter freezer works well with small capacity generators because it runs on low energy
  3. Stabilizer free operation: Usually, when purchasing a freezer, it is advisable to buy a stabilizer with the freezer as well, but with the inverter freezer, you do not need a stabilizer. It works completely without the need for a stabilizer.

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