Buying guide for Water DispensersBack

Here are some valuable tips for choosing the best water dispenser for your home or organisation.

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Bottled water dispenser

In a bottled dispenser, a water bottle or gallon is placed at the neck of the dispenser. Water is then dispensed by pulling the dispenser hook or pushing the dispensing button. The water can be dispensed at room temperature, chilled or heated and is replenished by purchasing additional water bottles.

These water cooler dispensers are used mainly in small offices, small restaurant, beauty parlors, education institutes, etc.

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Bottle-less water dispenser

A bottle-less water dispenser is plumbed into the mains water supply and contains a filter system to purify the water before it is dispensed. Like the bottled water dispenser, water can be chilled, heated or dispensed at room temperature.

Bottle-less water dispensers are suitable for use in the home or in large organisations, colleges, hostels etc. where changing water bottles is less practical.