• Thermocool offer a wide range of air conditioning products that are stylishly designed and innovated with leading technology to ensure that no matter what your cooling needs, your home remains cool. Our product range includes customisations to suit both weather conditions and energy fluctuations in Nigeria and consistently deliver dependable, energy efficient cooling performance.
  • Cookers Cooking great food is an art. Thermocool’s range of innovative standing and table top cookers are designed to inspire you to create culinary masterpieces. Our standing gas cookers come with auto ignition and stainless steel or anti-rust tops and spacious, well-lit, easy to clean ovens. Our table cookers offer multiple aesthetic options designed for durability and superior performance. Serve beautiful food with a Thermocool cooker.
  • Freezers Thermocool has been Nigeria’s favourite freezer brand for 40 years. Our range of chest freezers and upright freezers provide organised storage space for your foods. Our range offers unrivalled innovations in cooling performance that allow you to preserve your meals at a balanced temperature. Thermocool freezers also include features that aid preservation such as the extra density insulation that guarantees that your food stays frozen even after 100 hours (4 days) of power outage.
  • Microwaves Thermocool microwaves offer innovative design plus local Nigerian menu programs to make it quick and easy to enjoy the food you eat every day. Our microwave recipe book includes local dishes for you to try out and expand your recipe repertoire. Thermocool microwaves include hypercleanse functions so you have the peace of mind that your microwave oven is clean and healthy.
  • Refrigerators For over Forty years Thermocool have brought families together, preserving your food and chilling your drinks to perfection. Our new range of refrigerators still do same, but offer products that are more spacious and stylish and include those must have features; multiple storage compartments, automatic ice makers, humidity control to keep vegetables fresher plus tropicalized compressors with rust proof exteriors to ensure even longer product durability. Whether you are looking for a small single door fridge, a frost free fridge or a luxury American style fridge, our range has the option for you.
  • Mama’ has always insisted that the hand wash process is more effective. At Haier Thermocool, we agree. That’s why we’ve developed intelligent washer machines which include a pre-soaking function plus pulsators that can soak and gently wash your clothes, giving you immaculate results every time. Our product range also offers innovative features like ‘sensor clean’ which detects dirt levels in your laundry and stops the washer automatically once the clothes are clean and ‘smart memory’ which saves your wash progress after power outage. Our wide range of washing machines offers a wide range of features to suit your needs.
  • Water Dispensers Enjoy healthy hot and cold water from a Thermocool water dispenser. Thermocool Dispensers are built with the best quality ABS non-recycled materials and come with stainless steel water tanks which offer the most healthy water storage for your home.

All about Home Appliances

Experience true dependability with Thermocool’s modern, innovative and stylish range of home appliances. The Thermocool range encompasses everything you need to keep your home running smoothly, from washing machines and dryers, to fridges, freezers, cookers, microwaves and air conditioning units. Our extensive array of products are functional and elegant and are packed full of the features that are important to you.