• Commercial Refrigeration With the ever growing demand for refrigeration for eateries, breweries or ice-cream parlour, Haier Thermocool commercial refrigeration has a range of products to meet your business’s needs. Maximise bottle storage with superior quality beverage coolers that will make all the difference in your point of sale - and in your profits too. Opt for a Haier Thermocool Ice-cream Freezer to protect the texture, taste and appearance to ice-cream to ensure your customers get the best quality product.
  • Commercial Air Conditioners Haier Thermocool offer a range of commercial air conditioning solutions to suit your business’s needs. Our MRV systems come with DC inverter technology which allows the cooling of large spaces and saves up to 40% of the energy vs. a conventional system. Our single cassette air conditioning solutions offer convertible, ducted solutions ideal for cooling banks, offices and eateries. No matter what you’re looking for, whether a chiller for process cooling or air cooling, our design team can assist you to choose the best solution for your needs.

All about Commercial Products

Our wide range of products covers both commercial refrigeration and commercial air conditioning. No matter what space you own, our air conditioning solutions will offer effective cooling in your environment. Thermocool offer a wide range of cooling solutions from ceiling cassette air conditioning to MRV system air conditioners, chiller and various combination air conditioning options. We also offer a range of beverage coolers and ice-cream freezers to suit your business’s needs. 

For details regarding our range of business solution options, click here. For more bespoke commercial requirements please contact our Commercial Business Solutions team directly who can work with you to design solutions tailored to the requirements of your organisation.