1. What is energy saving?

Energy Saving implies the use of less energy to achieve a task and ultimately deliver direct benefit to the user. Using less energy has lots of benefits – you can save money and help the environment.

2. Why Energy Saving?

Cost of electricity is going high and cost of living is on the increase daily. Every kobo counts. Making wise decisions will help you manage your finances effectively and leave you with more money in your pocket to spend on other things. (B) Increasing global and local conversations about environmental protection.

3. Why is it a good investment to own energy saving appliances?

The cost of powering your refrigerator and freezer makes up about 10% of your energy bill (electricity bill or cost of fuel of your Generator). Refrigerator and freezer are one of the few electrical appliances in your house that are always on, so it's pretty important that with the economy situation, we save money for other important things like our children’s education Haier Thermocool Energy Saving appliances deliver BETTER performance as compared to standard models while using LESS energy and saving MORE money.

In addition to cutting household electricity bills, our Energy Saving appliances help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and so we save our environment for a better use of future generation.

4. What is the difference between Haier Thermocool Energy Saving refrigerators and freezer and standard Refrigerators & freezers?

A lot. Haier Thermocool Energy Saving refrigerators & freezers are eco/environmentally friendly refrigerant, the cooling performance and freezing capacity are 25% faster than ordinary fridge or freezer and they deliver up to 40% savings on energy bills.

5. How are Haier Thermocool Energy Saving refrigerators and freezers different from Energy Saving refrigerators and freezers from other brands?

True to our core business value and high quality standard we are known for, we can prove our energy savings claim because our savings are measurable with no over-claim.

Please visit our CoolWorld showrooms today for our Energy savings claims’ demonstration. And if you are able to take a picture in any of our stores with the Energy Saving Demonstration Display Stand, why not share with friends and share with us too on our Facebook page.

6. Do Haier Thermocool Energy Saving refrigerators and freezers come in different sizes

Yes, Haier Thermocool Energy Saving refrigerators and freezers are available in various designs and sizes suitable for your family needs.

7. Are Haier Thermocool Energy Saving Refrigerators and freezers inverter or solar system friendly?

Yes, because they consume less energy however, it would depend on the capacity of your inverter battery and solar system.

8. How do I calculate my energy saving?
  • Step 1 - To calculate energy consumption costs, simply multiply the unit's wattage (check the label behind your refrigerator or freezer to confirm how many watts it uses) by the number of hours you use it to find the number of watt-hours consumed each day.
  • Step 2 - But electricity is measured in kilowatt hours on your electricity bill. Since we know that 1 kilowatt is equal to 1,000 watts, calculating how many kWh a particular appliance uses is as easy as dividing by 1,000.
  • Step 3 - Now to find out how much that's actually going to cost you on your electricity bill, you'll have to take the equation a bit further.
  • Step 4 - Next, pull out your last electricity bill and see how much you pay per kWh. For this example, let's say you pay =N=21.30 per kilowatt hour. To find how much the appliance is costing you in a month, multiply your electricity rate by the kWh per month that you calculated in step 3.
9. Is energy saving percentage the same across all Haier Thermocool Energy Saving Refrigerators & freezers?

No, energy saving percentage varies across models. The bigger the model, the bigger the savings. Haier Thermocool energy saving Refrigerators deliver up to 35% savings (i.e. up to =N=30,000 PA) and Freezers deliver up to 40% energy saving (i.e. up to =N=42,000 PA).

10. My Haier Thermocool Energy Saving refrigerator/freezer is not cooling as much as I want it to and when there is a power outage it doesn’t retain coolness.

Check to ensure that your temperature setting is at the highest. If it is not, the compressor will take a rest from time to time and as such your refrigerator/freezer temperature will be unstable and the implication is that it will not attain the lowest temperature it requires to retain coolness after power outage.

Also, refrigerators and freezers are more efficient when full. And in the event of a power outage, they’ll hold the temperature for twice as long as if half full. Just make sure that you don’t overfill; leave some room for cool air to circulate.

11. Do you have financing options for me?

Yes financing options are available in CoolWorld Retail Stores. Visit or a physical CoolWorld Retail Store closest to you for more details.

12. Do you have a promotion running on the Haier Thermocool Energy Saving Refrigerators & freezers?

We will run promotions from time to time. Please keep an eye on our website or the CoolWorld Retail Store website for juicy deals.

13. Where can I buy a Haier Thermocool Energy Saving refrigerator or freezer?

Haier Thermocool Energy Saving Refrigerators and freezers are available nationwide in CoolWorld Retail stores, Thermocool Showrooms & major retail stores closest to you. Please visit the store locator to locate a showroom/store closest to you.

14. Can I buy online?

Yes you can buy online. Simply visit and you may also get free delivery to your home.

15. What do I do if my Haier Thermocool Energy Saving Refrigerator or Freezer develops a fault?

With or without a valid warranty we advise you seek the services of a qualified technician. Call our customer care line 07008437662665 or chat with a customer care personnel on our website for assistance. If the product is within the warranty period, challenge will be resolved without charges. Charges will apply for products outside the warranty period.

16. How long is the warranty period for Haier Thermocool Energy Saving Refrigerators and freezers?

Haier Thermocool authentic 3-year warranty on Cabinet & Compressor applies. Please ensure you keep your purchase receipt safe to validate your warranty when the situation arises.

17. How long does my Haier Thermoocool Energy Saving Refrigerator/Freezer retain ice/coolness after power outage?

You still get the 100 hours retention promise. When fully frozen, your food will stay fresher for longer for up to 100 hours/4days after power outage.

18. Can I see a demonstration of the energy saving before I can make a purchase decision?

Yes you can. Simply visit any CoolWorld Retail store or Thermocool Showroom at the following locations to view our product and energy savings display in store and you will be given a LIVE demonstration.


1. What is the meaning of GenPAL?

It means Haier Thermocool Energy Saving Inverter Air Conditioning unit that is ‘paddy paddy’, a very good friend or the best pal to all TEC generators.

2. Why do you need an energy saving Air Conditioner?

With the rising cost of electricity and cost of living, it is important you save every kobo possible. With GenPAL AC, you are able to save up to 70% of your power consumption and still be able to use your AC on your small generator when the power goes out.

Also, GenPAL AC works with low voltage, as low as 140V.

Gen PAL AC can significantly reduce your electricity cost by 70%. NO OVERCLAIM HERE. WE CAN PROVE IT!

3. Is GenPAL an inverter AC? How do inverter type of Air Conditioners work?

Yes, GenPAL is a DC inverter Air Conditioning unit. Unlike regular ON and OFF AC that has fixed speed COMPRESSOR, an INVERTER AC uses variable speed COMPRESSOR, which means your INVERTER AC is able to work on different frequencies and still deliver on the desired cooling temperature for comfort and thereby saves on energy consumption while running.

4. Why does GenPAL have 3 modes of operation?

Unlike other AC, GenPAL AC has 3 modes of operation. This feature helps you to be in control of the desired cooling performance while at the same time, consuming less energy to serve you better. Let’s explain further. LEVEL 1 gives you up to 50% cooling performance, LEVEL 2 offers up to 65% while LEVEL 3 offers up to 100%. With GenPAL AC, you can choose whatever cooling performance you want while on generator.

All 3 modes of operation are available depending on the size of your generator.

5. What setting is the best out of the 3 modes?

There is no best mode. It depends on your choice. If you desire up to 100% cooling performance, then Level 3 is the right choice. But if you still want to cool your room and not have it too cold, then level 1 OR 2 should be the right choice.

All 3 modes of operation are available depending on the size of your generator.

6. Generally speaking, What is the best cooling degree for an AC?

Some people think the lower your target temperature the faster your AC cools but setting your AC at 16oC actually overwork your AC. This means the lifespan of your AC will be shortened. The recommended cooling degree is between 23oC-26OC, this way you can preserve the lifespan of your AC and still get your desired cooling.

7. How often do I need to service my GenPAL AC?

GenPAL is just like any other normal engine in operation and every engine should be either serviced or maintained regularly depending on frequency of usage or last period of service. If possible, routine cleaning of the filters and outer body should be carried out on a monthly basis. With GenPAL, you can also do the cleaning yourself and save further! Please see the manual for further instructions on how to clean the filters.

8. Why are you recommending TEC Generators only?

TEC Generators are products of Haier Thermocool likewise GenPAL AC and we can guarantee both the quality and output rating for consistent best performance. Also, TEC Generators are made from genuine parts. No counterfeit! What you buy is what you get. No over claim!

9. Where else can I get more information about this product and other products?

Further information and exciting deals available on our THERMOCOOL or COOLWORLD websites and other social media pages. Again, you can walk into any of our COOLWORLD stores or Accredited THERMOCOOL showrooms.

10. Do I need to buy a new generator to power my GenPAL AC?

You do not necessarily have to buy a new generator simply because you are buying a new GenPAL INVERTER AC. Why not simply ask for our energy saving GenPAL generator mode load chart to confirm the number of appliances you can conveniently power more with your current generator.

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