To Freeze or not to Freeze?

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To freeze or not to freeze, that is the question!

Freezing, at its core, slows things down. In common household food items like bread and grated cheese, freezing helps to decelerate naturally occurring chemical reactions essentially delaying the ageing process and extending their shelf life. This is why you can leave bread in the freezer for up to 3 months and grated cheese for up to 4 months without contracting even the slightest trace of mould or, for the bakers amongst you, raw pastry for up to 6 months!

However you also need to be careful about what you freeze and when you freeze it. Freezing the wrong things might ruin the taste of some of your favourite ingredients and even make you sick.

We’ve put together a few Do’s and Do not’s about freezing that will ensure that your favourite food items are always safe to eat.

A few key things to remember about freezing:

Freezers don’t kill bacteria

It is important to note that freezing does not kill off bacteria but rather it just makes bacteria stagnant. Once food is defrosted, the bacteria quickly become active again and start to multiply.

If you are going to defrost food items that are prone to bacteria build-up such as meat and fish, it is advised that you quickly cook your meat or fish to kill off the bacteria, rather than put the same raw meat or fish, now with even more bacteria, back in the freezer.

By that same rule though, freezers also don’t kill off nutrients meaning that freezing fresh ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re losing out on all of those lovely vitamins.

You get out what you put in

You’ve had a slab of raw meat for 2 weeks and it expires tomorrow, better quickly freeze it right? For the sake of managing expectations, if your food was slightly off before you put it in the freezer; it will still be slightly off once you take it out.

It’s always best to put your food items that you don’t plan to consume today straight in the freezer as soon as you buy them to be guaranteed top quality.

Things to definitely avoid freezing:

1.) Soft herbs like parsley or basil that might turn brown easily or vegetables that retain a lot of water like lettuce or cucumbers.

2.) Avoid placing thick creamy dairy products in the freezer like cream or yoghurt because they will curdle.

3.) To avoid messes, it is generally a good idea to avoid putting food items with liquid, runny cores like raw eggs inside the freezer because the process of freezing makes liquids expand and could cause your eggs to burst in the freezer.

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