Microwave Christmas Lunch Tips

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Microwave Christmas Lunch Tips

There is an undeniable sense of urgency in the kitchen when putting together a Christmas feast and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The following microwave Christmas lunch tips are designed to provide you with a little helper of your own (after all Santa isn’t the only person who needs help during the Christmas season) to help ease your load.

Appealing peeling

The idea of having to peel each garlic clove one by one can feel like quite a daunting and repetitive task especially when there are other dishes that you need to get on to, however did you know that there’s a much easier way to go about this task?

Microwaving a whole head of garlic, for only 20 seconds, will make taking off the peels simple and easy. All of that unnecessary struggle cut down to a third of a minute…not a bad way to make the whole kitchen experience more efficient and enjoyable.

A similar trick works for corn on the cob. If you cut the root end of the cob off and then microwave your corn cob for 2-4 minutes, the corn cob will literally be able to shake loose from its husk confines.

They’re so fluffy!

Who doesn’t love potatoes that are crispy on the outside yet perfectly fluffy on the inside? This doesn’t have to be a tricky process either.

Instead of parboiling your potatoes the night before, why not just peel, slice, and pop your potatoes into the microwave using a microwave-safe steam bag and nothing more than a splash of water.

All it takes is roughly 10 minutes at full power to part cook about 4 large potatoes and then they’re ready to roast the next day.

Not only does this method save you time, it also saves you water!

Tis the season for seasoning

Have you got some old whole spices that are starting to lose their flavour?

A microwave, used in the right way, can be the perfect fountain of youth or elixir of life to extend their glory days throughout the Christmas period.

Whether you’re using cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger or black pepper, placing your favourite spice on a microwave-safe plate and putting it in the microwave for just 30 seconds (on medium power) can help release the essential oils within them that contain all of their tasty goodness. If the spice hasn’t been grounded yet, this time is cut in half to only 15 seconds.

The Ultimate Sous Chef

This Christmas season, your microwave might end up being your most adored friend and your most reliable ally so why not put it to use?

For whole meal ideas that you can prepare in a microwave, check out our article on cooking with microwaves and remember that whenever you buy a Thermocool microwave, you’ll also receive a free cooking book to give you a few more meal ideas this Christmas.

Let us know, in the comments section below, of any microwave-related cooking tips you’ve found useful when putting together a meal!

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