Here’s Why You Should Clean Your Home Appliances

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Some home appliances like the Television entertain while others like the washing machine and cooker perform specific tasks. Seeing as these appliances play a very important role in home-making, it is only right that you take you take good care of them. One way to do this is to constantly make sure you keep them clean. This is essential to help prevent dust build-up and future problems.

Most of these appliances tend to have handles, switches, and buttons where dust, spilled food (in the case of kitchen appliances) or grease can easily accumulate. Cleaning your home appliance on a regular basis will ensure that they are completely free of dirt, germs and any grime that may cause malfunctions.

Some common problems that occur when you fail to regularly clean your appliances include:

1.Short Circuit

This is the most severe problem dust can cause in a TV. This occurs when dust enters the television’s casing and settles on one or more of the internal circuit boards. A lot of dust can cause a short circuit, which will prevent the TV from not working at all. In other cases, it will damage picture quality or prevent certain features from working properly. This happens when dust accumulates over a period of time.

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2. Poor Performance

One of the biggest troubles that dust can cause in an air conditioner is reducing the level of heat exchange. If dust gets on either the indoor (evaporator) coil or the outdoor (condenser) coil, it will prevent the coils from absorbing or releasing heat.

This will trigger a drop in the amount of cool air you get indoors and cause the AC to work even harder to compensate, which will in turn speed up wear and tear. A dirty evaporator coil can also begin to develop ice because it can no longer absorb enough heat to lower its temperature.

Excess dust can lead to a drop in your air quality as well. A dirty AC with a clogged air filter is more likely to blow unwanted particles into your home. If you have pets, or if people with allergies live with you, lowered air quality can become a serious problem.

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  1. Health Risks

Having a dirty cooker poses a great health risk. From pungent, unpleasant smells when food debris are re-heated, to wear and tear on the cooker itself, which compromises the integrity of the cooker. For cookers with ovens attached, a dirty oven can wreak havoc when it comes to baking. Food burnt to your oven’s insides can leave an unsavoury taste in your mouth. The carbon particles can affect the flavour of fresh food baked inside the dirty oven, leaving your cakes, breads and other baked goods tasting smoky and scorched.

Conclusively, it can be inferred that it is beneficial to keep your appliances in tip-top shape. Keep in mind that seeking a professional for assistance for detailed cleaning or repair for your equipment is always the best solution.

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