Why Refrigerators are Must Have Appliances

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Haier Thermocool refrigerators are must haves in any home.

In the past we have written tributes to freezers and their amazing ability to preserve anything from your food to your candles to even your favourite pair of jeans.

However, the refrigerator often goes underrated as a household appliance when, in actuality, it is a key component of a comfortable, stress-free home life.

For one thing, refrigerators offer you flexibility with what you can buy and store at home.

Flexible Fridges

Freezers preserve a variety of ingredients but they don’t preserve everything.

Salad favourites that retain a lot of water like lettuce and cucumbers as well as any soft leafy vegetables like water leaf and scent leaf (Efirin) don’t do great in a freezer.

The same applies to food items that have liquids at their core such as raw eggs or thick creamy dairy products such as cream or yoghurt.

To find out more about which food items to definitely avoid freezing, check out our informative “to freeze or not to freeze” article.

If you love a fresh salad or like a few eggs or a yoghurt with your breakfast, you definitely want a refrigerator in your home!

Fresh food in fridge

Energy, Cost and Space Saving

Did you know that a Haier Thermocool Slim Beauty Refrigerator will store roughly the same amount as a freezer with a similar capacity in about a third of the space?

Buying a refrigerator does not necessarily mean that you need to expand your kitchen or do a major reshuffle of your existing appliances, you can just tuck in your fridge right next to your freezer, doubling your storage capacity in a third of the space.

However, with a Haier Thermocool Refrigerator, it is not just about how much space you have, but rather how easy it is to find food items within that space.

With models like the Combi Refrigerator, everything you’re looking for is clearly organised in storage compartments and each have their own temperature controls allowing you to store each item in ideal conditions.

With a Haier Thermocool Refrigerator, you also don’t need to put that much extra pressure on your generator either.

For example, did you know that our Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator is specifically designed to consume as little energy as possible – as low as 40% of a conventional refrigerator, saving you money in the process.


Complete your kitchen!

As you can see, our refrigerators are an essential part of any kitchen and play a role that compliments your freezer perfectly – looking after all the ingredients that your freezer can’t.

When you buy a Haier Thermocool Refrigerator, you’re getting a cost, energy, and space saving appliance that is essential in any home!

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  1. Abimbola Moronkeji says:

    How much is a single door?

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    Thermocool is best, that is what am using in my house. Keep it up

  3. Nkechi says:

    I love the double door refrigerator please how much does it cost

  4. Oluchi says:

    How am i going to get a refrigerator. Am in Enugu.

  5. Dave says:

    Pls what is the cost price?

  6. Dave says:

    What is the cost price

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      Hi Emmanuel! We offer both an online and offline sales service. If you want to purchase one of our products online, please go to the page of the particular product you’re interested in and click the “Buy online now” button or if you’d rather buy one of our products offline, please be sure to visit one of the many stores across Nigeria that sell our products 🙂 Click here to find the store nearest to you!