Selecting the right cooker for your kitchen

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In their most basic form, you could say that all cookers serve the same function, and you’d be right. However, not all cookers are born equal, and since you’ll probably use your cooker often, it’s important to buy the one that is just right for your needs.

Here are some things to look out for when you’re about to buy a cooker.

1. Electric Vs Gas Cooker

Some people tend to prefer electric cookers because they are fast, and because they emanate less heat during the cooking process.  They are however expensive to operate, and will run up your electricity bill.  Additionally, electric cookers are not the best option if you live in a vicinity with poor power supply.

Other people prefer gas cookers, as they are cheaper to use, and just as convenient as electric cookers. For those who prefer an electric cooker, a combination cooker is the perfect option for you as it gives you the benefits of using an electric cooker without the drawback of really high electricity bills. The TEC Supreme Cooker or this TEC table top cooker sounds like what you need.

2. Space

It really would be awkward if you buy a cooker that can’t fit into your kitchen, wouldn’t it? So when you’re about to purchase a new cooker, let the size of your kitchen determine your choice. For smaller or more compact kitchens, a TEC tabletop cooker or 50 X 50 standing cooker (TEC Supreme, Premium, TEC Luxury Standing Cooker) is your best bet. If you prefer a bigger cooker, and you have the space to accommodate it, then you can go for a 60 X 60cm or 60 X 90cm Standing Cooker.

3. Capacity

If you have a large family, and entertain guests frequently, a standing cooker that gives you the flexibility to cook several meals in different styles at the same time will definitely be preferred. However, if you live alone and your cooker only serves your own needs, then a tabletop cooker is what you should consider.

4. Special features

Before making your final choice on the cooker to buy, you should consider several special features like oven, auto ignition, easy to clean surfaces, steady pan supports, durable burner caps etc. These features ensure that you enjoy more convenience and durability on the cooker you eventually purchase.

5. Budget

This is a very important consideration when buying a cooker. Regardless of what part of the spectrum your budget falls into, you’ll definitely find something that suits from the TEC range of cookers.

Explore the TEC range of cookers here.

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