Take Your Laundry Back This Rainy Season

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Laundry during the rainy seaosn

Laundry during the rainy season  can be a nightmare.  The sky goes black, you can hear a rumble in the distance and to think that all you needed was a few more hours of sunlight but now you have to start drying your even wetter clothes all over again…that is if it ever stops raining!

Why let the rainy season dictate your life like that? At Haier Thermocool, we feel like this is no way to live your life.


Putting you back in control

Our washing machines put you back in control of your laundry and your day no matter the season so that your drying efforts will no longer be in vain.

The celebrated “Rainy and Dry Season” feature in our Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machines (TLSAs) allows you to give your clothes that extra spin they need to stay dry even when the rainy season arrives.

During the rainy season, the “Rainy and Dry Season” feature allows you to dry your clothes by up to an amazing 70% saving you drying time and leaving your clothes less exposed to the unpredictability of the elements.


An army defying the Rainy Season

That’s not all, in addition to our dry-on-demand warriors that are our TLSA range, our Front load Automatic (FLA) and Top Load Automatic (TLA) Washing Machines come with a fantastic air dry feature that really does all the hard work for you, drying becomes something you can do in minutes rather than hours and leaves you with the confidence and certainty that even rain can’t bring you down!


There’s more to life than rain

However, don’t think that our convenient all-in-one washer/dryer machines are only useful during the rainy season. Think of all the dust that gathers on your pristine clothes during Harmattan or the harshness of the Sun on your more delicate clothing during the dry season.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take back control from Mother Nature and rely on a dependable machine that you know will always be there for you?

So take back your laundry and take back your peace of mind because Haier Thermocool has your back!

For tips on selecting the ideal washing machine, check out our article about choosing the right washing machine for you and your family.

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