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When it comes to your kitchen, we here at Thermocool believe that it’s all about functional chic.

Your home is a reflection of you; its aesthetics an illustration of your personal taste. However, at the end of the day, it is still your home and you want the appliances in your home to not only look good but make your life a little bit easier at the same time.

Ageless Cookers

Take, for example, our new standing cookers. Not only does their immaculate Italian finish make an immediate visual impact but Thermocool’s innovative use of the more robust matt enamel (as opposed to the standard shiny enamel) to develop its burner caps also ensures that its chic effect never dwindles.Our supreme and premium range offer matt enamel burner caps which are more durable than their shiny enamel cousins.

Indeed with our new Italian-style cookers the only thing that finishes quickly is your cooking time due to the 20% faster burning power built into the Sabaf gas burners available as part of the luxury range.

Like the matt enamel burner caps our new range of Italian cookers, our slim beauty refrigerators are built to last. You see we respectfully disagree with the idea that beauty fades. True beauty lasts the test of time. Our new Slim Beauty refrigerator, which is slim on the outside but with a spacious freezer on the inside, is a testament to this.

Resilient Refrigerators

We’ve built each Slim Beauty refrigerator with elegant scratch free doors because we appreciate that life often throws  unexpected accidents one’s way but with our appliances, you should confidently expect consistency. The refrigerator you admire today should be the same refrigerator you proudly display in years to come.

At Thermocool, we take pride in our commitment to not only make appliances that are beautiful to look at, but appliances that will make your life easier and, more than anything else, will always be there for you!

If you want more information about the features and benefits of the full range of Thermocool Cookers, click here

If you want more information about the features and benefits of the full range of Thermocool Refrigerators, click here

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