Chest freezer or Upright freezer?

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Chest Freezer or Upright Freezer?

Chest freezer or Upright freezer? This decision tends to come down to several key factors including price, storage space required and the size of your home.

How big is your kitchen?

A Chest freezer is more cost-effective than an Upright freezer however it can take up a lot of space if you have quite a small kitchen with an Upright freezer being smaller and, therefore, a bit more mobile.

Another thing to consider is how often you’re able to find time to go grocery shopping a month. With an Upright freezer, the storage space given requires regular, weekly grocery shopping whereas a Chest freezer can hold up to a few weeks’ worth of frozen food

Sprinter vs. Marathon Runner

An Upright freezer freezes food and defrosts faster than a Chest freezer which can sometimes take up to a day to defrost. However, a Chest freezer plays the long game.

Chest freezers, due to their mass, are more energy efficient than Upright Freezers and cold air doesn’t escape easily when their lids are left open. What this means is that even during power cuts, of which there are many in Nigeria, food in a Chest freezer is likely to stay frozen for quite a while.

Who’s hungry?

That’s a good question to ask yourself when deciding whether to go for a Chest freezer or an Upright freezer. If you have a big family or you entertain guests a lot in your home, a Chest freezer certainly has its benefits.

A Chest freezer can store food items that are frankly just too large to fit into an upright freezer. When Salah comes along and you need space for your Ram meat or Christmas is coming and that Turkey needs to go somewhere, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you have a Chest freezer.

In Nigeria, for many families, big family meals and “unexpected guests” are relatively common place and this makes Chest freezers a welcome appliance in many homes.

Which freezer should I go for then?

The truth is that every home and household is different and it truly depends on your requirements. If you know you like to buy food in bulk, then a Chest freezer might be the better call but if you are able to buy food as you need it, an Upright freezer might work for you.

Many households opt to have both. They might keep an Upright freezer in their main kitchen for short-term, small frozen items such as ice cream or left-overs and a Chest freezer in a separate storage area for meats and other bulkier produce.

To find out more about what to consider when picking the right type of freezer for you, check out our buying guide here.

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