Washing Machines: 5 Myths That Many People Believe

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Washing Machine Myths

Washing Machines, as useful as they are, can be fairly misunderstood appliances. This article will be reviewing and debunking five popular myths about washing machines to help you keep your clothes and washing machine in the best condition possible.

Myth 1: You cannot power your washing machine with a generator

No matter how much you plan for it, it is always disconcerting when power goes out especially when doing chores that require power like using your washing machine, blender or pressing iron.

Many electrical appliances cannot be powered by 1KVA generator but the Haier Thermocool washing machine is not one of them.

From as low as 6kg to as big as a 13kg, you can power your Haier Thermocool washing machine using a 1KVA generator.

Myth 2: Washing Machines don’t require regular cleaning

We appreciate that there is a degree of irony in the fact that a washing machine, whose primary job involves swirling water and soap around, needs to be cleaned from time to time. However, the truth is that it does.

We recommend you clean in and around the lid after every few washes, keep the lid open to air the machine after every wash and for a thorough wash, fill the tub with water and a few drops of bleach and run the machine’s longest available cycle.

Or why not go a step further and get the Haier Thermocool 10.2kg Front Load washing machine which has a self-clean function that takes all of the stress off you at the click of a button.

Clean Washing Machines

Myth 3: Using cold water to wash your clothes is the best approach

To save money, a lot of people believe that it’s better to wash your clothes at a cool 30 degrees Celsius rather than at higher, warmer temperatures. After all, isn’t it just water?  Should it matter how hot or cold the water is?

However, the truth is that it matters a lot

Generally speaking, if you always use a cold temperature for your washing, over time bacteria and other residues can build up within your washing machine making your efforts counterproductive.

Cold water is okay sometimes but we wouldn’t suggest making this a regular habit in an effort to save a few kobo here or there at the risk of greater long term costs.

To borrow from a British saying, don’t be kobo-wise but naira-foolish.

Myth 4: When you use more detergent, you get better results

The issue with this myth is that it seems to be what would logically be true. But, much like other debunked myths, this too isn’t entirely accurate.

In reality, during your washing process, if you make use of too much detergent, it will actually cause your clothes to be thoroughly saturated with detergent to the extent that a single cycle of standard rinse will be insufficient to effectively clean your fabrics.

Getting your detergent just right doesn’t need to be a complicated science either. Usually, detergent packaging will indicate exactly how many cups of detergent are ideal. Trust these guidelines and don’t pour more than the recommended amount in order to get the best results.

Using an excessive amount of detergent creates the risk of deteriorating the quality of your fabrics and, in extreme cases, might cause you or your family skin irritation. Furthermore, washing spots and marks will significantly be reduced if you are moderate with your detergent usage.

Washing Machines Detergent

Myth 5: Nothing can get stuck in a Washing Machine

In reality, washing machines are vulnerable too.

What you should bear in mind is that washing machines are constructed with a lot of moving parts and if you were to forget a coin or lose something in it by mistake, chances are that it might actually be lodged in the outlet pump. What’s more? These coins and other items could cause damage to your washing machine.

So next time you use your washing machine and some items go missing, the drainage filter on the machine is a good place to check…you might also be saving your machine too!

Myths Busted

There you have it! Five washing machines myths you can now confidently disparage.

If you know about any other washing machine myths that we may have missed out on, feel free to share with us and the Haier Thermocool community in the comments section below 🙂

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