Are Microwaves Safe? 5 Microwave Myths Busted!

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Are Microwaves Safe? 5 Microwave Myths Busted

Microwave ovens are found in millions of kitchens throughout the world. They’re one of man’s greatest cooking innovations, combining safety with convenience and efficiency.

Whilst microwaves have been an important part of nearly every kitchen, there are plenty of myths about the technology and possible dangers associated with them regarding how they work and what they can and can’t do.

5 Microwave Myths Busted

If you haven’t bought a microwave because of the myths you’ve heard about them, you need to know that the following just aren’t true:


Myth 1: Microwaving Food is a Danger to Nutrients

You shouldn’t be concerned about microwaves endangering nutrients, microwaves are probably a safer way to cook your favourite meal than many alternative cooking methods.

Any type of cooking can chemically change the nutrient content of your food: Vitamin C, omega-3 fats, and some bioflavonoid antioxidants are sensitive to heat in general.  Nutrients from veggies can be affected by cooking water. Since you use less water when cooking in a microwave, your food nutrients might even be safer.


Myth 2: You Should Never Use Plastic Containers in a Microwave

Not all plastics are created equal. Different kinds of plastic are made from different compounds, so some are made to store food, while others are not. Same applies to using plastics in microwaves; some are safe to use whilst others are not.

Use containers labeled as microwave-safe. If you can’t find the label on the plastic, use glass or ceramic containers instead.

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Myth 3: Microwave Ovens are Harmful

You’d be amazed to know that even the sunlight you feel on your skin emits pretty dangerous waves. Microwaves are actually not as harmful as sunlight. On the electromagnetic spectrum, they are closest to radio waves.

Microwaves are thoroughly tested in the factory for microwave leakage before shipment, so you should not  be concerned about standing too close or even exposing your food to it.


Myth 4: Microwave Ovens are only Good for Leftovers and Frozen Dinners

Wrong! Microwaves aren’t only for thawing food or heating them up. You can cook and bake effortlessly with a microwave.

Many modern microwaves are even equipped with the settings for different types of cooking. The internet is filled with recipes and tutorials for microwave cooking. You can make everything from cakes to kebabs and casseroles.

Use your microwave to its full potential!


Myth 5: Microwaves Consume a lot of Energy

A lot of people hold the common belief that microwaves are one of the most power consuming electronics in a home.

However, microwave ovens use less energy to cook than conventional methods. This is because they work faster and most of their energy is focused on the food itself.

So unlike conventional cooking methods where energy is dispersed between the food and cooking space, microwaves lock in energy, directing heat towards the food alone.

Now that you know that microwaves are one of the most useful kitchen appliances to use, we would love to share our safe, efficient and affordable Haier Thermocool microwaves with you so that you too can enjoy a safe and energy efficient cooking experience 🙂

Comment with any other myths about Microwaves that you’d like busted and we will give you more information about this wonderful appliance!



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