Growing up in Broad Street

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Broad Street is where it all began for Thermocool some 45 years ago. In many ways it is fitting that our story began here because it is a place that embodies everything we stand for.

Being “always there for you” isn’t just a nice tag line, it is a promise. A promise shared by many of the buildings that go as far back with Broad Street as we do. Whether it is the oldest hospital in Nigeria, The Lagos Island General Hospital, or one of Lagos’ oldest buildings, The Methodist Church of the Trinity, there is a culture of endurance and consistency that has permeated and woven itself into every one of these landmarks.

In many ways, perhaps it is the indomitable spirit of Madam Efunroye Tinubu, the heroine after which the famous Tinubu square was named, that has inspired our “always there for you” mind set. Her willingness to stand behind those who needed her even when their challenges were at their greatest is enough to inspire any brand to create tools that will never falter even when their users are faced with the most arduous of tasks.


Growing up with Broad Street

But as Broad Street has evolved in other ways over the years, so have we. Our desire to make things better by making better things, although an old tag line of ours, is still as relevant as it has ever been. Just as Broad Street has built a beautiful cultural hub known by Nigerians as The Freedom Park out of the ruins of prison cells, we’ve strived to design ever-evolving products that create wonderful experiences for you and your family out of the challenges you face on a daily basis.

The rich history of Broad Street isn’t covered in many history books and many of the businesses and traders operating there now may know nothing more of this cultural landmark than the daily hustle and bustle that they see on their way to work, but we consider ourselves honoured to have been intertwined within its history and blessed to share many of the traits that make this cultural hub so great.

Just as Broad Street has always been there for Lagos during every phase of this great city’s evolution, Thermocool promises to always be there for you and your family whenever you need us.

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  1. Nicely written but will have a great effect if the building is developed again and converted to a Thermocool Heritage Gallery. This I believe will be more applauded by the people of Eko ile

    • Thermocool says:

      Hi Olawande, thanks for your comment, it’s a really good suggestion 🙂 We’ll definitely share it with our marketing team!

  2. T-Light says:

    Pls is haier thermocool d same tin as thermocool?

    • Thermocool says:

      Hi T-Light, Thermocool is the overarching mother brand whereas Haier Thermocool is a product brand similar to how many of our cooker products are called TEC. “Haier Thermocool” refers to the partnership that we have with Haier International in producing several electrical products. If you’re interested in finding out more about our brand, we’d suggest giving a read 🙂