Fixing Your Washing Machine

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Fixing Your Washing Machine

When it comes to fixing your washing machine, different problems may require varying degrees of technical expertise.

It is generally recommended that you change your washing machine at least once every 8 years. However, sometimes unforeseen problems occur before this period is up and it’s important to be able to distinguish small problems that you can quickly fix with minimal effort to the slightly larger issues which, thanks to Thermocool’s excellent warranty and service propositions, we can help you out with.

Keeping your washing machine in one place

Have you ever found that your washing machine likes to go for a walk or rather a hop and a skip from time to time?

Your washing machine may not necessarily be possessed. What this likely means is that its feet are not level or it may still have transit straps (the straps that help keep the inner drum unit in place while being delivered) attached to it.

It’s easy to forget to correctly remove these straps and this can cause major damage to you machine when in use so it’s best to do a double check to be sure they have been removed.

It is also important to make sure that the floor underneath your washing machine is level and that your washing machine isn’t resting on anything that might make its base unstable.

However, if you investigate and find that neither of these are the case, it might be a sign that the shock absorbers in your washing machine are experiencing wear and tear and need to be replaced ASAP.

What a racket!

If your washing machine makes an unbearable noise, the good news is that it’s more likely to be caused by an errant clothing item than an issue with your washing machine itself. This item might be a button or bra coil that’s annoyingly come loose and is bouncing and tumbling around the drum. Or it might also be a sign that your clothing items aren’t well balanced within the machine.

To solve this problem, simply open the machine and reposition your clothes or remove whatever is loose and the noise levels should go back to a comfortable, non-distracting tone.

However, there is the chance that, if this doesn’t solve the problem, the motor mount or drum may need to be tightened. If this is indeed the case, then don’t hesitate to contact our expert repair  team who will be more than happy to help you out!


Overflowing Washing Machine!

You really don’t want the nasty surprise of walking into your kitchen and seeing your floor flooded because your washing machine has a leak. In the worst case scenario, your tub might actually be cracked and you might need an upgrade to a new washing machine. However, it’s also worth testing out other solutions first before reaching this conclusion.

For example, it might be worth checking whether your machine is overloaded with clothes. Did you know that your washing machine should be no more than ¾ full? (for more information on how much your particular washing machine might be able to support, check out our buying guide.

However, it might also be a sign of wear and tear with regards to your washing machine’s water hose. If this is the case, we’d recommend that you get in touch with our excellent repair team who will be happy to assist you.

Sometimes all that is required is a tightening of the hose, other times you might need the hose replaced entirely. Similarly, if you find that there’s a lack of water flowing into your washing machine, it might be worth looking into tightening or replacement options as well.

Having Peace of Mind about your Washing Machine

For washing machine problems big or small, Thermocool has you covered.

Our dedicated repair team are only ever one call away – 0700-THERMOCOOL (843762665) – and when it does come time to upgrade your unit, our extensive selection of washing machines , designed to our high quality standards, will ensure that you’re able to find the perfect replacement for your older model 🙂

For more information on how to find the perfect washing machine for you and your family check out our article on making the right choice for your specific needs or check out our detailed buying guide.


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  1. Abaniwo Yetu Austin says:

    Pls my thermocool washing machine timer is bad, pls, can i get a replacement?. Thanks.

    • Thermocool says:

      Hi Abaniwo, if your washing machine is still within the warranty period, we’d encourage you to speak to one of our customer care personnel on 07008437662665. We hope that helps!

  2. Nelo says:

    My washing machine shows F7… I can’t open the door so can’t remove the clothes inside… Pls I need help

    • Thermocool says:

      Hi Nelo, sorry for your issues with our product. Please turn off the power and restart your washing machine. The machine will sense that the cycle is not complete and will open until it has completed the cycle.