3 Air Conditioner Myths Many Nigerians Believe

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Air Conditioner Myths

An air conditioner is an appliance that we all deserve.

Nigeria is hot, it doesn’t matter where you are. Whether you are driving through the bustling cosmopolitan streets of Lagos, or on a bike in the narrow business-as-usual routes of Awka, or far up top, walking by some grazing cattle in Dutse…you deserve the odd moment to relax and cool down. We deserve to escape to an air conditioned room and recharge our batteries.

However, for some, the air conditioner is a misunderstood appliance and their misconceptions stop them from getting the most out of their air conditioner.

The following are 3 of the most popular myths about air conditioners making the rounds and why you shouldn’t believe them.

Myth 1: When you turn your AC off while away, You save Money and Energy!

Logic would suggest that the more we work our cooling devices, the more power they will consume, and conversely, the less we use our air conditioner, the more power we will save.

However this isn’t necessarily the case.

Did you know that as long as you keep the temperature between 23°C and 26°C, leaving your air conditioner on might actually save you power?

Turning your air conditioner off when away allows your room to heat up meaning that your air conditioner is forced to work even harder to cool it down again, thereby using up more energy.

We wouldn’t necessarily suggest leaving your air conditioner on for extended periods of time but if you are leaving your room for only a few minutes at a time, there’s a chance that leaving your air conditioner on at a moderate temperature might actually give you savings on your electric bill.

Air Conditioner Myths

Myth 2:  Colds are caused by Air Conditioners

In the past people have been told to avoid excessive use of air conditioners due to the belief that cold temperatures are enough to give you a cold.

Being called a “cold” probably doesn’t help but the truth is that what makes you ill is a virus not the temperature of a room. We would advise regularly washing your hands after interacting with other people rather than necessarily needing to turn off your air conditioner to avoid being ill.

However, if you are already ill, extreme changes in temperature are known to aggravate symptoms and make it easier for viruses to circulate so we would advise not positioning yourself directly in front of your air conditioner.


Myth 3: There’s no need to service the Air Conditioner regularly

Air Conditioners, like your favourite car, need to be serviced and maintained regularly to run smoothly. Maintaining your air conditioner is not a waste of money, in fact it is the most cost effective approach to owning an appliance. Regular maintenance helps your air conditioning system deliver its best service to you, improves its efficiency and output and, when it comes to saving money, prevention is definitely better than cure.

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