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At Thermocool, our products are made for Nigerians and the day-to-day problems they face.

“N-E-P-A!!!!!” “Up NEPA!!!!!” familiar with these phrases? Then you must understand the feelings you get when power goes out or is restored in Nigeria.

Unstable power brings with it a lot of discomfort & anxiety however, us Nigerians, have been known to be resilient and resourceful in making the most of less than ideal situations. We are often willing to make the necessary adjustments to get on with our lives. It is this indomitable spirit that has inspired Thermocool to create products that make these adjustments for you so you don’t have to.


Keeping that Refrigerator going!

Our new Pentecool refrigerator encompasses our commitment to doing just that. It addresses the unpredictable power issues by keeping your food cold for over 100 hours after power goes out ensuring that even in the face of the unknown and the unexpected, your food need not break a sweat.

The tropicalised compressor that comes with your Pentecool refrigerator also ensures that erratic power supply won’t cause it to breakdown. This wonderful feature is shared across many of our products including our new SuperCool ACs ensuring that your home appliances last longer and are always there for you.

However, what is a fridge without anything inside it? That is a question we hope you will never have to answer because with our reinforced shelves that hold even more food than ever before, bulk buying for your family has never been easier regardless of any strike or fuel shortage one is asked to endure. Moreover, with our innovative 5-way cooling technology, your food will remain as fresh as it was when you first bought it from the market!

Things may not always be easy but Thermocool promises to always be there for you!

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